About Me


My true passion is capturing the beauty of mother earth and her diversity. Images of distant landscapes always captivated me and I obsessively try and emulate the beauty my eyes soak up on every outing and adventure I find my self lucky enough to enjoy. These experiences are fleeting, just as (potentially) these landscapes are too. Capturing an image is my nostalgic yearning to preserve a moment of beauty, and tranquility. The world around me offers limitless avenues of pursuing my passion and I am eager to see where my future takes me. I have always been interested in telling stories, and have been doing so  through visual media since 2009. Video and photography offer me limitless potential to express myself and others in visually fascinating ways.

I earned a BA from San Francisco State University in Cinema Studies with a focus in documentary filmmaking. I have an AA in Natural Sciences and a Certificate in Digital Filmmaking from the Santa Rosa Junior College.

My professional career started at Make: Magazine where I started as an intern and progressed to a staff photographer. Here I learned the demanding environment of a bi-monthly magazine and media company. It was a wonderful experience and my coworkers challenged me to become a better photographer everyday.

Since then I’ve been doing freelance projects, anything from product photography to documentary shorts. Currently I am a member of Culture Pop Films’ creative staff as a DP and Editor (Culturepopfilms.com).

Fell free to contact me for creatives services and collaborations!